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Love Notes

"Anita is simply the best in all ways— the taste, creativity, and craftsmanship of her cakes is unparalleled but what makes Anita so special is the care and love she puts into her relationships and her work. When I told my other wonderful vendors that Maliha Creations was doing my cake, they were all thrilled! Partly because they hoped to get a slice of the goodness but partly because she is excellent at what she does and is a joy to work with. 
Your cake tasting will be at her home in her front parlor which she has creatively turned into a private tasting room. Don’t eat breakfast :) you get multiple cake flavors, fillings and icing to test flavor combinations, and coffee. Anita gives you time to decide what you want as a couple then walks you through the design piece to flesh out what you really want. We wanted a simple but elegant semi-naked cake with our beloved dog peeking out of one of the tiers— it was perfection. Anita and her husband Uday deliver the cakes themselves so you truly receive the special touch that only family-run (woman founded and owned!!) small businesses can provide. The Guptas exemplify what is so magical about getting married in Charlottesville.
And the taste!! I’m not exaggerating when I say that guests not only remember our flavors almost a year after our wedding, but they still TALK about our cake! Everything Anita makes is sublime but I just had her carrot cake out of our freezer after almost a year and the salted caramel was still gooey and divine. The ONLY thing that could possibly top her salted caramel is her fresh lemon curd... you will never look at lemon the same way after you try it. I finished our top tier just in time to get excited about our fresh anniversary tier! :)) Yes Anita makes you an anniversary gift— recreating the flavors of your wedding cake a year later. We cannot wait. From tasting to the wedding to the anniversary, everything about working with Anita & Maliha Creations is fantastic. I cannot recommend her enough :)." -EC & PC, Early Mountain Vineyards

"Anita is so incredibly talented and the absolute best there is in Charlottesville - she is a true cake master!! She made both our wedding cake and grooms cake and I swear our wedding cake was the prettiest thing I have ever seen. It looked like something out of a magazine and was so delicious too. I really don't know how she does it, but she did such a wonderful job of bringing our vision to life and made both cakes absolutely perfect in every way. Her attention to detail on our grooms cake was impeccable and will always be such a special memory for us to look back on. If you want a wedding or grooms cake that is truly unique and one that will wow your guests, Anita from Maliha Creations is the only way to go! I promise it will be one of the best decisions you make during the wedding planning process." -KY & AY, King Family Vineyards

"Anita is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She is extremely professional, very sweet, and such a pleasure to work with. The most important and exciting part of our wedding planning for my husband was the infamous "Cake Tasting". From the moment we met with Anita for our cake tasting.... We Fell in LOVE!!! When we arrived, several different frosting's, preserves ,and yummy cakes were ready for us to enjoy. Anita helped us along the design process for the perfect wedding cake for us. I could not be happier with how it turned out. She is AMAZING at her craft!! My husband and I plan to order a cake on our one year anniversary since we ate the one we were suppose to save! Trust me.... The cake is just that good! Thanks Anita!! We would highly recommend Maliha Creations to Everyone!" NH & JH, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

"Anita with Maliha Creations is INCREDIBLE. She was so easy to work with and made something better then I could've ever imagined. I had to do my cake tasting in a "to-go" setting which she made extremely easy and convenient. Everything was labeled and even came with instructions of how she would do the tasting with you if she were there (you can do it at her location, I just personally was not able). I had a three tiered cake with two different flavors because I couldn't decide on just one. Anita is so talented that I'm sure she would be able to create any type of cake that you wanted. Her cake designs are as simple or as detailed as you would like them to be, and honestly my cake turned out better then what I was expecting! If you want to work with someone who is professional, personable and not have to worry about if your cake is going to turn out the way you want, 100% please use Anita from Maliha Creations!" KD & MC, King Family Vineyards

"Anita is so incredibly talented and creative -- we feel so lucky to have found her for our special day! We wanted to do something really fun and colorful for our cake and were able to pull a reference image for her. Turns out, her creation was more beautiful than the picture we shared!! She is so lovely and warm and made the whole process fun for us. She was such an amazing collaborator and we were so impressed by her talent! We cannot recommend her enough!"  MH & MH, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards